2021-22 Everyone Can Play grant

Applications for the 2021-22 Everyone Can Play grant are now open to applications.

The 2021-22 round will allocate up to $5 million in funding and is the final round in the grant program, building on the outcomes of the three previous rounds to demonstrate the NSW Government’s commitment to building stronger, resilient communities through inclusive play.

The 2021-22 grant round will be extended to both NSW councils and eligible NSW State Government agencies to apply for projects that are freely and publicly accessible and available to the wider community. All NSW councils and eligible State Government Agencies are encouraged to apply for the Everyone Can Play 2021-22 grant round. Eligible applications from NSW Councils will be prioritised over State Government Agencies.

This is the final opportunity for councils to submit an application if they have not already done so. Applications will be considered against the criteria by an Expert Assessment Panel. Grant requests must be fully matched dollar for dollar by the applicant.

In the 2021-22 round of grant funding the following categories and amounts apply

  • Inclusive playspace – Upgrade – up to $75,000
  • Inclusive playspace – New – up to $200,000

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For more information about the 2021-22 grant application process view the resources below:  


Everyone Can Play Grants program objectives


  • Funding for inclusive play space delivery across NSW in partnership with NSW councils and eligible NSW State Government agencies to design and construct new and upgraded play spaces.
  • Making long term changes to the planning and design of play spaces in NSW by educating the people who manage and design these spaces. This will ensure the enduring legacy of this program for future years.

The combination of these objectives will allow the NSW Government to immediately deliver on the ground benefits to the community while simultaneously changing the way play spaces are provided into the future once the funding program concludes. This structure will ensure the long-lasting benefits of this program.

Previous grant round funding


The 2020-21 funding round provided a total of $7 million, with $3 million for bushfire and drought-affected councils and $4 million available to all NSW councils. In March 2021, the department announced funding for 37 projects across 31 Councils. View the links below for details of the approved projects:

The NSW Government committed $20 million over the duration of the program towards creating inclusive play spaces and ensuring Everyone Can Play. Close to $15 million in funding was allocated across the previous three program grant rounds. 108 projects have already been funded for the creation of 65 new playspaces that upgrade existing local play facilities to make them more inclusive and another 43 new, inclusive playspaces have been funded throughout NSW. 


Progress reporting and acquittal


  • Successful applicants will be required to report on and demonstrate project progress through the four milestones outlined in the funding agreement.
  • Milestone stages are project commencement, design review, construction and project completion.
  • Progress payments will be made at project commencement and design review milestones to assist Council in expediting delivery
  • Project reports are completed and submitted via the SmartyGrants portal.
  • Project acquittal must be completed no later than three months after the project completion date.
  • Project acquittal requires evidence of project completion including photos of completed play space, itemised expenditure, defects or asset handover report, certification, compliance and evidence of tree planting* (*for Greater Sydney councils only).
  • Download a template of the Acquittal Checklist (PDF, 195 KB)


For inquiries or more information, contact the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment by email